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We are passionate about camping. Many summers of our childhood we spent camping in the mountains of Mendoza, especially in Uspallata.


A few years ago, we began to think about how we could offer people what we had enjoyed as a family. It was then that we met glamping, the perfect experience to go back to camping, which made us so happy as kids. 

Glamping allows us to appreciate the natural environment that is around us, disconnect from the city and be present again when cooking, heating, sleeping and enjoying. 

We seek a conscious and respectful tourism with nature and glamping invites us to this reflection.

About us



I am one of the creators of the project and now I am dedicated to managing and supervising the operation, in addition to welcoming visitors. 

"I like that people from local community has joined to work with us". 



I am one of the managers of the domes project and of the agricultural and livestock area of the farm. We also recommend to guests activities in the Uspallata valley.


"Personally I have a lot of fun working on the farm and I like the harmony of the domes with the environment."

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I am in charge of taking reservations, managing social networks, receiving our visitors and being available for what they need.

"What I like most about the project is the happiness with which people who visit us leave,  as well as being part of this innovative and environmentally friendly proposal."

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