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From Mendoza along Route 7: once you cross the bridge over the Mendoza River, travel 3 km and on the right you will find the Uspallata cemetery.

In front of the cemetery turn left onto a dirt road perpendicular to the route. Travel 100 meters and turn left again.  

After walking 400 meters along a dirt road parallel to the route you will find a wooden gate to your right.

You are here! The domes are located at the end of the farm.

Public transport (bus)

From the Mendoza terminal the company that arrives to Uspallata is ANDESMAR. 

In Uspallata you can get off at the terminal (6.7 km from the domes) or in front of the cemetery of Uspallata (550mts). 

Tickets can be taken at the terminal or online:


La Fundición

The domes are located in La Fundición , at the southern end of the Uspallata Valley. Here, Uspallata creek generates a fertile ecosystem between the front Andes range and the pre range 

The name is due to an old mining operation located in the mountains that limit to the east of the valley. The extracted minerals were melted in a chimney that can be seen from Route 7. The Foundry is made up of families that have been in the area for decades. In the past, in addition to mining, agricultural and livestock activities were the source of employment. 

Currently, other social actors inhabit the area. You may find hotels, hostels and tourism companies, which offer activities such as horse riding, rafting, trekking, climbing and  canopy.

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